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Latest from the Blog

Ep 8. All together now

It’s Her Majesty’s birthday but instead of letting off cannons, honouring knights or playing gin rummy with Madge, her Lady in Waiting, the Queen is on Zoom. The video call is split three ways, linking Windsor, Norfolk and Karori. “I like the medieval backdrop she’s chosen,” Meghan whispers to Harry, seated together in view of […]

Ep 7. Gooped!

It’s mid-morning, and the queue outside Karori Mall is longer and livelier than usual. “What’s going on?” asks Bridget, joining the line. “Haven’t you heard?” someone answers, excitedly. “Meghan Markle’s opened a shop. And she’s giving away designer stuff for free!” “Like what?” Bridget wants to know. Scanning for clues, she watches delighted shoppers emerging […]

Ep 6. Meghan’s plan

Camilla bursts into the drawing room to find Harry fuming, and Meghan leafing angrily through a magazine. “Bloody Aunt Anne,” Harry is saying, sourly. “What’s going orn?” Camilla wants to know. “Princess Anne’s in Vanity Fair,” Meghan says, pained. She looks at Charles. “It’s a magazine for rich Americans who don’t have the attention span […]

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